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Top 5 Gifts For Valentines Day 2021

Top Gifts For Valentines Day California Gummy Bears

Top 5 Gifts For Valentines Day 2021

Right when you think the holiday season has ended after new years, Valentine's day creep right up! Finding the right gift can be a headache and stressful time for many - but don't stress it this year around! We've compiled our top 5 gifts for the valentine's day - check it out below:


  1. Stuffed Animal

What may be seen as a stereotypical valentine's day gift, if your significant other is into cute knick-knacks, or likes to sleep with 20 pillows on the bed, then they’ll love a cute stuffed animal. There are many you can buy that also come with hearts on them! These are a good go-to gift that not many would be upset with receiving - and it sticks around for a while!

  1. Jewelry

Dress me in diamonds! While, maybe - any type of jewelry can be a great gift for that someone on your mind this valentines day.  Contrary to popular demand, jewelry can also be a great gift for people of all ages and all genders. Additionally, and similar to a stuffed animal, the great thing about jewelry as a valentine's day gift is that it’s not something that will die out like flowers, or run out of candy! If jewelry is on your mind this year, try browsing some of your local jewelers and support small businesses!

  1. Chocolate

“The Love Candy” had to be in our top 5! Chocolate is another great gift to give this valentines day. Chocolate has long been associated with love and romance and it seems like that isn’t going anytime soon. So, next time you’re at the store, browse the selection of chocolates that may be available and give your partner a “sweet” gift! Not sure what kind to get them? Try getting a variety pack! However, we think there may be a NEW “love candy” (but we’ll save the best for last!)

  1. Flowers

Wondering where a boutique of flowers was on this list? Well, you’ve arrived! Flowers are another great go-to gift for virtually anyone. Flowers have been given as gifts for as long as time can be. Additionally, you can buy flowers in a variety of colors. So, do you know your significant others favorite color(s)? Try giving them a collection of all of them! 

  1. California Gummy Bears

That’s right - our California Gummy Bears are the ultimate snacky-gift to give to your special someone this valentine's day. Our gummy bears are uniquely designed and a healthy alternative to the typical gummy bears you know and love. All our gummies are kosher, and use natural ingredients with fruit grown right here in California! To view more on our products you can view our full list of products by clicking here.


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