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Regular Sweets vs. CA Gummy Bears

Regular Sweets vs. CA Gummy Bears - California Gummy Bears

Regular Sweets 

Traditional sweets usually include massive amounts of ingredients consumers don't understand. These sweets can be extremely unhealthy for customers but are still sold in large quantities every year. This blog will break down some of the ingredients in regular candies vs. a CA Gummy Bear. 

While it's true that most candies take regular fruit extract, they turn it into a concentration that is made up of mostly sugar. It's also true that there is an added sugar level usually listed on the packaging. This added sugar comes from artificial sugars, which can cause even more harm. 

In most gummy bears made around the world, there is a gram of sugar per gummy bear. An astounding level of sugar coming from mainly the concentrations of fruit. Another common ingredient of Gummy Bears is artificial coloring. This is also one of the more unhealthy factors in a Gummy Bear. 

One of the common unhealthy ingredients is corn syrup. You see it in your drinks, your food; it's everywhere. High-fructose corn syrup can lead to many health problems, including weight gain, diabetes, metabolic syndrome, and high triglyceride levels. These issues can boost your risk of heart disease, which is why it's essential to try to cut back on sugars every day. 

Many Americans have problems with this. It's common for added sugars to be much more than 10% of one's total diet. These empty calories can lead to all kinds of health problems.  

Why does it matter? 

Everyone wants to eat what they enjoy, but it's essential to understand if what you enjoy is shortening your life expectancy. Many ingredients are in our food and water today that we still need to comprehend at a higher level. That's why it's been so important to our founder, Jeffrey Postlethwaite, to create a more healthy brand of sweets. 

CA Gummy Bears 

Like many of us, Jeffrey also has a sweet tooth, but he realized he could create something edible that would be much healthier to eat than grocery store candies. CA Gummy Bears is Kosher, Non-GMO, Fat-free, and Gluten-free, making these candies the perfect gift for anyone. 

CA Gummy Bears products are grown with real California fruit, hence the name CA Gummy Bears. We sell candies with bold flavors where you can taste the fruit in every bite you take. 

We use Tapioca in our Gummy Bears to limit the amount of sugar & unhealthy additives. This also helps reduce the calorie count inside our boxes of Gummy Bears. Most importantly, we sell these Gummy Bears so that anyone can eat them and enjoy a taste of California in every bite. 


Need to sacrifice a craving for sweets? Not anymore, because anyone can buy our delicious at affordable prices online or on Amazon. 



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