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A healthy alternative to the gummy bear you know and love

A healthy alternative to gummy bears

Gummy Bears - Reimagined!

A treat that made you happy in childhood, a treat that makes you happy today!

Wandering in the streets, playing with your friends, or sitting exhausted in your office looking for a snack, these organic gummy bears have always been the quick fix. Tempting, made of fresh fruit extracts and with just the right hand picked ingredients, these gummies are hard not to enjoy!

Not only are these plant-based gummy bears made with natural ingredients, they also have a mouthwatering taste! But what if we tell you there's more to it? Yes, these gummy bears are very healthy too.

Here’s a look into more of our what are gummies have to offer:

A quick fix for when you’re hungry

Keep them in your bag or carry them to the gym – these gummy bears are a healthy fix to curb your appetite. California Gummy Bears are made using only the finest, handpicked Californian Fruits, produced only in small batches; we promise not to compromise on the quality!

Fat-free and a little too delicious, you can munch upon the whole bag without feeling too much guilt as they also have protein content, making it healthier than other candies. Oh, and the best part is that it keeps you full – isn't that all one ever wants?

No more Sugar Cravings

Made with real fruit and natural ingredients, these gummy bears fulfill your sugar cravings without having up the high sugar content. Huh, isn't that amazing? Craving for a dessert? Snack up on your favorite gummy bear flavor, and you're sorted.

Wondering how these say goodbye to your sugar cravings yet are a healthier alternative at the same time? Wait, wait – no more pondering! These Gummy Bears are made using Tapioca Syrup instead of the usual High Fructose Corn Syrup, a much healthier alternative!

It’s Vegan & It’s Better

Vegan Gummy Bears are better, because, wait there’s not just one but quite a few benefits of vegan gummies. It suppresses inflammation, it is known to enhance focus and it’s a super safe option to a plethora of health problems! Just too good; what's your reason for not trying your favorite flavor out?

Gift of Nature - Made of Just Hand Picked Fruits

Our gummy bears aren’t just the usual gummy bears; they are produced of the freshest yet the juiciest Californian fruits. Oh and we all are well aware of the benefits of natural fruits. Enjoy your favorite flavor out of the 10 options available!

Artificial Coloring? Wait, what’s that?

We've heard increasingly over the years that certain food dyes could be potentially harmful to our health. Sometimes you may read articles outlining those dangers and think "Wait, what? Was I still snacking upon gummy bears that have artificial colors?" If you’ve had most other brands the answer to that is likely yes – but not with California Gummy Bears!

Keeping this in mind, we use natural ingredients, and all the color you see in our candies is from different foods and fruit extracts. Thinking about how that’s possible? From Red Beet Juice to Turmeric to Carotene to Spirulina – our gummies are completely free of any artificial coloring!

Restriction Friendly – it’s for everyone

Anyone to everyone; our gummy bears cater to you all. How's that? Are they really Soy Free? Are they really Gluten-Free too? Yes and yes! They are in fact both Soy and Gluten-Free!

Working day and night to create the perfect mix, we're excited to bring to you a blend that is a universally diet-friendly gummy candy. Our gummy bears are Kosher, Fat-Free Soy Free, and Gluten-Free.

So, are you convinced yet? What are you waiting for?! Order now from a variety of 10 different fruit flavors and say hello to a healthier tomorrow!


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