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The Gummy Bear... With A Twist!

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Jeffrey Postlethwaite

“We have customers that reach out just to say how good our gummies are. That's what gives me the most joy.”

Named one of Quick books 20 Top entrepreneurs in the UK. Jeffrey is known for his previous successes in the restaurant industry. Having 3 restaurants by the time he was 19. He quickly became a recognizable entrepreneurial figure in the UK. Despite having no culinary training, Jeffrey's love of food transferred easily into his restaurants and won him several awards up and down the country.

Selling the business at 23 years and following his other passion for acting, Jeffrey moved over to LA. Having a successful career landing roles in BBC/Netflix drama Peaky Blinders and the theatrically release film The White King, he then decided he wanted to get back into the food industry.

Over the last 3 years, he has devoted his time to recipe testing, industry research and design work. The Candy company CA Gummy Bears LLC official started selling its products on November 25th 2019. 

Recipe & Gummy Flavors

We knew we wanted to produce something different. Being based in California we have access to some of the best weather in the world. As a result of the weather we are able to grow the most amazing, delicious fruit. The concept was born from that. We wanted all our Gummy bears to be made from fruits grown in California.

Over 200 recipes were tested by a group of people who were obsessed with candy as much as we are! Making sure the gummy bears were Kosher was always a priority to our company and making the gummy bears NON GMO was tricky but fun! We used various different NON GMO syrups and included Natural colors such as spirulina and Carotene to create our desired color. It's important to us that we didn't use High Fructose Corn Syrup which is a very unhealthy syrup used in many candies. We wanted them to be healthier then a normal candy but didn’t want to compromise on the taste or appearance. Flavor, flavor, flavor.

This has been a constant focus of ours since 2016. We have created and refined our gummy bears until we have what we believe are THE BEST TASTING GUMMY BEARS in the ENTIRE WORLD! Do a taste test of our Gummy Bears, and let us know what you think!

Product image
Product image


Say goodbye to the classic gummy bear design! At CA Gummy Bears we have designed the most the unique gummy bear anywhere in the world. CA Gummy Bears was started in California, and to pay tribute to that we wanted to use a mold of the California gummy bear to create ours. This was challenging.

Every mold creator we spoke to said it can’t be done due to the intricacy of the bears legs. We then went about resigning the California bear so that the legs were together. We then slapped a big CA on the side of the bear to make it even more California Centric. This is what we now know the CA Gummy Bears to look like!

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