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Top 5 Differences Between Tapioca Syrup and Corn Syrup

Top 5 Differences Between Tapioca Syrup and Corn Syrup - California Gummy Bears


Tapioca Syrup VS Corn Syrup


Syrups are used in many food items but mostly used in processed foods like sweets or candies. Although sugar is the most used item, syrups like corn syrup, maple syrup, tapioca syrup, and others are used. But a lot of debate surrounds corn syrup and tapioca syrup because these two are used widely across many places. They are used to prepare many items and are quite popular among bakers and confectioners.

Let us talk about the top five differences between tapioca syrup and corn syrup.

  1.  Sugar Content

Corn syrup is made using corn starch and contains a high amount of glucose. This is almost the same amount that one would find in sugar. Many scientists already call it “corn sugar” because of the glucose level that is quite unhealthy. On the other hand, tapioca syrup is made from the root crop cassava that contains starch. This starch is further converted into syrup using a process called hydrolysis and contains less carbohydrates.


  1. Added Flavor, Color, and Odor

Corn Syrup has added flavor and even color, which makes it harmful. These are mostly artificial, and hence it cannot be entirely trusted. Tapioca syrup, on the other hand, has no added flavor or odor, or even color. This makes it a safer option and can be consumed without any doubts.


  1. Used as a Binding Agent

Corn syrup only serves one purpose, and that is to act as a sweetener. It is used in many food items to make them taste sweet. In contrast, tapioca syrup is used as a sweetener and as a binding agent. It is used in meats so that they do not dry out after processing.


  1. Calorie Content and Health Risk

Corn syrup has a higher calorie content, which is about 286 calories per 100 grams. This makes it quite unhealthy, and in fact the UK has already banned the use of corn syrup in any food items. Studies have shown that corn syrup increases the chance of getting diabetes and fatty liver. Most importantly, it does not contain any nutrients and causes significant damage to our health.

On the other hand, Tapioca syrup is not as deadly as corn syrup and contains about 130 calories per 100 grams. It is a healthier alternative to sugar or corn syrup and also does not have any potential danger.


  1. Healthier Alternative

Both the syrups are used as an alternative to sugar. Corn syrup has many side effects and sometimes is considered to be sweeter than sugar. It is associated with several risks, and so using it is not a great idea. However, tapioca syrup has no such risks and can be consumed freely. It has a lesser amount of calories and is not known to cause any damage to one's health.


These are a few of the significant comparisons between corn syrup and tapioca syrup.  Both of them are widely used, but we can conclude that tapioca syrup is a better choice because of its benefits and fewer health risks and can be consumed without hesitation.



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