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What makes California Gummy Bears Unique?

What makes California Gummy Bears Unique? - California Gummy Bears

What makes California Gummy Bears Unique?

Gummy bears have been around for a long time, so why should you regain interest now? The answer is simple: California Gummy Bears. Our gummy bears are a healthier choice and the go to gummy bear for all gummy bear fans! Read more to find out why!

1. ) Made with real fruit and natural ingredients

Unhealthy ingredients and high sugar contents are all things of the past. Wouldn't it be nice to enjoy gummy bears without worrying about what you're actually consuming? All 10 fruits we use in our gummies are grown locally in California - crazy, eh?

On top of that, all of our ingredients are all natural, and non-GMO! We also use Tapioca Syrup instead of High Fructose Corn Syrup - which is a much healthier alternative.

No need to have that thought halfway through a gummy bear of "wait, what am I eating?" because with California Gummy Bears we use nothing but the best ingredients!

2. ) No artificial coloring

Among mounting evidence that food dye's may be bad for you, we make sure that we use as little as possible - and by that we mean none! A few studies have linked certain dyes to allergic reactions and even certain types of cancer.

Although the risk may be slim for now, why risk it? That is why all the color you see in our gummy candy is all natural. The ingredients we use to help enhance the colors in our gummies include:

3. ) Say hello to the new gummy bear - the Golden State bear that is!

raspberry california Gummy Bears made in usa candy


Say goodbye to the classic gummy bear design! At California Gummy Bears we have redesigned the gummy as you know it! We did this by turning it on its side and molding it into the bear you recognize from the California Flag! 

If you look closely, you'll also notice a nice "CA" on the side of the bear. All of this design change is just a personal touch from us here in the state of California to you!

4. ) Diet & Restriction friendly gummy bears

With billions of the people in the world comes a multitude of various diets. That is why we consider many different options in the creation of our gummy bears. Whether its for health reasons, or religious, we all have our own preferences and restrictions on what we choose to eat. 

California Gummy Bears has tried hard to create the perfect mix of great tasting and universally diet friendly gummy candy there is. That is why all of our gummies are:

  • Kosher
  • Fat Free
  • Soy Free
  • Gluten Free

Never worry about breaking the diet for some nice gummy candy!

5. ) Made with care from us to you!

Unhealthy ingredients, gross factory line conditions, and cheap packaging are all things of the past. Every single package down to the individual gummy is made with care here at California Gummy Bears! 

While we ship out worldwide, it all starts here in California. All our gummies are made in small batches and packaged together by hand. We then ship straight out of California to your favorite candy bowl at the kitchen table for you to enjoy!

We hope you continue to enjoy our great tasting gummy bears!



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