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Top 6 Benefits Of Choosing Non-GMO Alternatives

Top 6 Benefits Of Choosing Non-GMO Alternatives - California Gummy Bears

Top 6 Benefits of Eating NON-GMO and All Natural Foods

You've probably heard by now of a little something called GMO's! GMO's, or genetically modified organisms, are animals and plants that have taken advantage of genetic engineering, more specifically with gene technology, that allow for structural changes in the makeup of the DNA. 

GMO's aren't anything that's really that new. These have been used for a while in foods to help reduce the amount of disease a food/crop is susceptible too, increase the crop yield, or created other desired traits (such as making them bigger). While this may seem like a great thing, it has been subject to a multitude of diseases. Some studies show links to organ damage, infertility, cancer, and more! On top of this, there is an increase in other toxic chemicals. It's for this reason that many are turning to non-GMO alternatives (like us!). Take a look at our top 5 benefits of choosing to eat the non-GMO way!

1. ) Cutting back on toxic chemicals

 With genetically modified foods, everything from synthetic and chemical fertilizers, pesticides, and more toxic chemicals are used to help them grow / stay healthy.

One may consider that what they're doing to help the fruit/animal remain healthy is good, and there's a small chance that it may even be beneficial for the food/animal. However, many of these chemicals used are toxic to humans. In fact, it was recently noted by the World Health Organization that herbicide glyphosate (one of the main ingredients in Roundup® and other key fertilizers) were "probably carcinogenic to humans". 

2. ) Environmentally Friendly

You may have guessed already based off point 1, but Non-GMO's are much better for the environment! Not only are they toxic to humans, they are toxic to the environments around them. There have been a multitude of studies linking chemical rich environments to infertility and soil erosion. 

On top of that, due to the ingredients that must be processed synthetically, produced, and shipped out this increases the human usage of our earth's natural resources. On top of that, due to the energy required to produce such things we are increasing our carbon footprint! That is why switching to Non-GMO foods can help over time at reducing our negative impact on earth's atmosphere and resources. 

    3. ) Generally Fresher Foods 



    GMO's are made with the intent to last longer. When Preservatives are present they tend to reduce the effectiveness of nutrients. This is a large problem, how can you expect to get that same natural effect from a GMO? The answer is, you can't. 

    Non-GMO's are made to be fresh! They also tend to have more nutrients, be better for your body, and have a better taste.  

    4. ) No Antibiotics & Growth Hormones 

    Non-GMO foods don't have the same antibiotics or growth hormones present. This means Non-GMO's can not hurt your body as much by eating them. It's not that GMO's can cause disastrous affects in the short term, but in the long term they can contribute to a multitude of issues.

    The use of antibiotics in foods can create bacteria resistant strains, this means less immunity to disease. Now this is a particularly dangerous symptom of eating GMO's on a regular basis. This is why more of us need to take the time to find Non-GMO's. 

    5. ) Are 100% Natural 

    It's simple. It's natural. This means it's healthier, more sustainable, and can increase the overall quality of life. 

    Do you want to go natural? Shop for organic foods, buy fruits and vegetables, beware of additives, eat wild-caught seafood, focus on fiber, and also eat healthy snacks. 

    6. ) Healthy Snacking 

    California gummy bears mixed flavors luxe gift set

    Say goodbye to the classic unhealthy gummy bear. Not only do we make our bears delicious but they are also a healthy snack. We use real sugar from fruit, and no fructose corn syrup. 

    We know we are selling candy, but why not sell healthy candy? For too long people in the United States have eaten unhealthy candy with high correlations to diabetes and other diseases. We are trying correct this by offering a healthy alternative with natural ingredients. Wouldn't it be great to not worry what you're eating? Try our gummies today and never break the diet again! 



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