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What Is the Difference Between Organic, Non-GMO, and Artificial Ingredients?

What Is the Difference Between Organic, Non-GMO, and Artificial Ingredients? -

When choosing food, it’s imperative to know what ingredients you’re about to consume. The quality of ingredients has a huge effect on your health, and knowing where ingredients come from, how they were grown, and what they’ll do to your body makes an impact on your choice. 

Our gummy bears are both organic and non-GMO. They’re a healthy alternative to regular gummy bears, but what exactly do those labels mean? Keep reading for a comprehensive guide to organic, non-GMO, and artificial ingredients so you know exactly what kind of gummy bears you’re buying and eating. 


In today’s food climate, organic is a buzzword. When many people hear it, they automatically think “healthy,” but there’s a lot more to this meaning. 

What Is It

The standards that need to be met for food to be labeled organic varies depending on the type. For example, in order for meat to be labeled organic, animals’ living conditions must aid their natural behaviors, they cannot eat anything artificial, and they must not be given any antibiotics or hormones. 

Gummy bears do not contain animal products, so their ingredients have different standards. For gummy bears to be labeled organic, a very high percentage of their makeup must not be artificial. They cannot use synthetic colors, flavors, or preservatives. You can be confident when buying our gummy bears, as you know they do not contain anything unnatural. All ingredients come from the earth.


  • Healthier - Organic foods are made with ingredients that come from the ground, so you won’t be consuming something made in a lab.
  • Safer - The safest way to consume food is by eating organic. You won’t be putting anything in your body that could alter it in a harmful way. 
  • Eco-friendly - Organically grown foods are better for the environment. Not only are you helping yourself when buying organic foods, you’re helping the earth. 
  • Fresher Ingredients - Because organic foods do not contain preservatives, anything made organically, like our gummy bears, was produced using fresh ingredients to avoid them going bad. You won’t be consuming something weeks or months old when eating organic food. 


  • Cost - Eating organic foods can be costly. While many producers work to make their organic foods affordable, it’s still costlier than eating non-organic foods. Most people find that the benefits of eating organic foods far outweigh the high cost, though.


Non-GMO is another common label found on today’s foods. Like many food labels, non-GMO is not well-understood. Despite that, many people look for it. So what exactly does it mean?

What Is It

GMO stands for genetically modified organisms. This means that the organism’s DNA was altered in some way. Non-GMO foods contain ingredients whose DNA has not been altered. Our gummy bears are non-GMO, so the ingredients’ DNA have not been changed at all. Our gummy bears are only made with ingredients that were grown naturally. 


  • Safer - Some GMO foods can cause allergic reactions. Some of the genetic modifications may add allergens to the food. When eating non-GMO foods, extra allergens won’t be added, so you can feel safer eating them. 
  • Healthier - There’s also been research to suggest GMO foods cause cancer. Non-GMO foods, however, are healthy for your body, and will not introduce harmful genes. 
  • No Harmful Lasting Effects - GMO foods have also been known to make bodies resistant to certain antibiotics, which can be dangerous if you are in need of certain medications. When eating non-GMO foods, like our gummy bears, you won’t have to worry about building a resistance to antibiotics. 


  • Cost - Like organic foods, non-GMO foods are far more expensive to buy. Again, like organic foods, most consumers find that the price is justified when considering the benefits. Spending money on safe, healthy foods now means saving money on treatments and medications in the future. 


Of all the labels to avoid when buying food, artificial is the top. Artificial foods can be eaten, but they should be ignored if possible. 

What Is It

Artificial means unnatural, so any artificial ingredient was created by humans, not by the earth. Although artificial foods are edible, they have detrimental effects on your health. Our gummy bears do not contain artificial foods, so every ingredient comes from the earth. 


  • Added Flavor - Many people are attracted to artificial foods because of their flavors, especially in candy. Their flavor comes with a price, like unhealthy amounts of added sugar, which can wreak havoc on your teeth, stomach, and intestines. 
  • Added Color - Most of us eat with our eyes, and seeing brightly colored food is attractive. Artificial foods are often very pretty, but their color can be dangerous to your body. 
  • Longer Shelf Life - Artificial foods last longer, but only because they contain unnatural preservatives that are not good for your body. 
  • Cheaper - It is cheaper to buy artificial foods than organic or non-GMO, but there are other costs involved when consuming them, like expensive dental and medical procedures to counter their harmful effects. 


  • Unnatural Ingredients - Again, artificial means fake, so no artificial ingredients come about naturally. Our gummy bears only contain ingredients that come from the earth. 
  • Unhealthy - Consuming something unnatural is never healthy. It can cause tons of health issues, like rotting teeth, poor digestion, bad skin, and low energy. 
  • Unsafe - It’s very unsafe to eat artificial ingredients, because they can cause harmful diseases like cancer. When eating our gummy bears, you don’t need to worry that you are eating something unsafe. 

Difference Between the Three

Organic, non-GMO, and artificial ingredients have huge differences. Organic foods are made with natural ingredients, non-GMO foods have not been genetically modified, and artificial foods are made with synthetic ingredients. 

Organic and non-GMO foods are much safer and healthier to eat than artificial foods. Our gummy bears are organic and non-GMO, not artificial, making them a great alternative to other gummy bears. 

What We Offer

We offer a safe, healthy gummy bear that doesn’t contain unnatural ingredients. No ingredient is genetically modified, and no ingredient was made in a lab. Our organic, non-GMO gummy bear ingredients come from the earth, so you can feel confident and safe when eating them. 



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