Top 5 Corporate Gifts for the 2020 Holiday Season


Top 5 Corporate Gifts

The season of corporate gifting is here! if you are an employer or business partner who is distressed by the ultimate question of what is the best gift that could boost the productivity of employees, inspire business partners, and show them that you care, then we have an answer!

This might be some small-scale problem, but if left to the last minute of holidays, it can turn into a nightmare. To save you this huge trouble, we have assembled a list of the top five amazing corporate gift ideas. Read on to find out some amazing options that are classy and yet not so expensive.

5) Desktop Plants

Plants make great gifts and office buddies. There is nothing more thoughtful than gifting a plant that your employee would care for. It will bring a decorative and natural aspect to their desk. It has also been suggested that having plants in the office results in increased productivity. 

Small planters can also become pretty cases for nurturing plants and showcasing pens, other stationery items, and business cards.

Always store small size plants in the planter to make it look more beautiful. Aloe, a small snake plant, and Succulent are some adorable options for your planter.

4) Grow Kit

Now here is something that conveys a very caring gesture. Gifting something that engages the receiver in a fun activity such as gardening can be the best and unique option. With grow kits, you can encourage people to indulge in gardening and cultivating. These kits include everything a person needs to grow any particular fruit or vegetable. From instruction cards to seeds, everything is included in the package.

It can be a wonderful gift for your employees that spreads positivity by saying “let’s grow together!”.

3) Personalized Power Banks

Power banks are great corporate gifts, they have been used a lot lately. But to be unique this year if you still want to go for power banks, get them personalized for each employee, partner or business associate. You can spice things up by customizing shapes or imprinting names on your power banks.

With each person, whether it be your employee or your partner, having their own customized design, power banks can become unique, practical, and interesting gift options.

2) Coffee Mug Warmer

Who does not like a warm cup of coffee or tea? But sometimes, amidst all the office tasks, keeping your mug of beverage hot until you get to taste it is quite difficult. To make the life of your business associates or employees easier, gift them an electric mug warmer. It is a smart device that keeps the drinks warm and your employees will never have to gulp down the cold tea or coffee again.

The option that wins the best corporate gift award is

1) California Gummy Bears

To evoke the spirit of holidays, what is a better gift than candies? This year gift your employees and business associates, a package of delicious gummy bears. California Gummy Bears offers discounts on holiday gift boxes with a variety of flavors and delicious, fruity mixes. You can also get free shipping the entire holiday season. So, do not waste time and order these delightful bites of heaven to gift your employees and corporate partners.

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