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5 Ways To Stay Connected This Thanksgiving

5 Ways To Stay Connected This Thanksgiving - California Gummy Bears

5 Ways To Stay Connected This Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving tips to stay connected

Thanksgiving is going to look different this year, with many health experts suggesting to avoid gathering with friends/family. While this may hinge your holiday plans, it's important to adhere to both CDC and local guidelines!
That being said, that doesn't mean you can't surprise your friends and family with a little thanksgiving cheer! We've compiled a great list of things to do to stay connected to family/friends this thanksgiving - check it out  below!

1. ) Participating in a "Zoomsgiving" dinner

If you've managed to avoid using Zoom or any other video chat service by now, you must be crazy! Gathering friends/family together in a Zoom call or other video chat platform can be a great way to stay connected to those who matter most. So, organize with friends, grab that laptop, and set it up at one the seats the dinner table. This may feel like a silly thing to do, but hey, we're in a pandemic and nothing is off limits!

Feeling adventurous and have extra devices around the house? Place them at different seats around the table with you and "pin" each member of the call to a different screen!

2. ) Take Advantage of Social Media


Wait - what?! Normally everyone says it's good to take breaks from social media, but you're telling me to use it? Yep - that's right! While we definitely do suggest taking breaks and monitoring your usage time across social media platforms, they can still be a great way to see what your friends and family are up to this thanksgiving.

Comment on some posts and message your friends! They'll be sure to enjoy having someone to talk with as well even if just briefly!

    3. ) Plan An Event With Your Housemates 


    While keeping groups small is always advised, some guidelines call for no gatherings at all. If you have housemates, whether that be friends or family, then consider planning a fun thanksgiving themed event!

    Thanksgiving bingo, video games, and watching a movie are all simple yet fun events to bring everyone together and destress!

    4. Send letter mail 


    Yes, you read that right! In today's digital landscape, sending a handwritten note to family members can be a great and heartfelt way to let them know you're thinking of them. This idea is especially great for kids to reach out to grandparents! 


    5. ) Send someone the gift of California Gummy Bears

    Our gummies are non-gmo, kosher, and contain no artificial flavoring. It's simple, we made your favorite snack the healthiest version it can be. All our fruits are also grown locally in the state of California! That is why sending someone you care about a nicely packaged treat could be just the thing this holiday! Browse our wide selection of inventory/flavors and try something new! You never know what you're missing out on! 




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